Friday, January 27, 2017

Though we are having a very mild winter season  here in London Ontario, it may have a negative impact on agriculture and food supply. Nature has his own play and so we have to accept as it happens.
Good news is: we  are having a spring like weather. So why not buy some handcrafted items  for  your family and friends.

Decorate your indoor living space  with  hand painted rocks in vibrant colors. Looking for mandala rocks or zentangle art ? Here is the right place. Keep it at the counter or at your office  table. Or ust any where in your room to uplift your mood. Will sure make you feel happy.

Bring home some spring with hand painted pots in beautiful colors. Buy a planted pot to add more life. Handcrafted plant gift basket is a right choice of someone who is likes colors.

My polymer clay jewelry has beads all hand rolled my me.
Check the new designs .Unique hand crafted pieces to celebrate any  season of the year.
Visit this blog for new colors  all the time.
I am sure you will love to wear and gift these hand made items. All designs are created by polymer clay blending. Each item is unique with no duplicates.

Please send me an email if you want to buy any of these articles. Jewelry set comes in a beautiful gift box.

My email id is

                                                            Gift It and Get Gifted!

I have  all my hand crafted items for sale at the University Hospital and Victoria hospital in London once a month. I am supporting Children's health foundation. Please email me to know more about it.